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DIY: Paper-bead bookmark

Christmas 2005 was the holiday of the "book stuff".  I churned out book clocks (something I'll post about one day) and what I called "book-Its" by the dozen, both as gifts and to make a little extra cash.  Turns out those book-Its started to show a little wear towards the end of 2011 and a few friends have asked for another one... because it's their "go to" bookmark.  Since I'm making them anyway, here's a little how to.  They could not be simpler to make!  So here goes ... (Hit "Read More" for the full tutorial)

Upcycle: Put some spring in your boots!

I've decided that Elsie Larson is the inspiration behind "The New Girl" ... every time I visit her lovely blog (A Beautiful Mess) I think of Jess.  Go take a look .... tell me I'm wrong.  And while you're there, learn how to put a spring in your step!

DIY: Melt for these upcycled plastic bags...

If you feel good when you spend $99c on a re-usable tote made from recycled plastic bottles ... you'll feel GREAT when you make these!  Especially if you're currently hiding a shameful, embarrassing number of plastic bags somewhere in your home.  Check out this tutorial from Dana at Made then go melt a Target bag or 6.  Below is a different take on the tutorial - personalized lunch totes care of Made by Lex:

Upcycle: Repurposed neck ties & zippers

Blue Velvet Chair is my new blog crush!  Thanks to Mike (the host), I spent a long time gawking at the many, amazing repurposed ties (pictured above) being created by Alisa of Ties and Whimsy. Doesn't every girl want to wear a man's tie?  I think so.  Especially when they look like this!  I had a *very* hard time choosing a few to feature in this post ... amazing stuff.

Wanna try it yourself?   Rachel, of Maybe Matilda, has a ton of awesome tutorials on offer.  But this pleated neck-tie how-to will serve as a great springboard if you want to emulate Alisa.  Here's to creative refashioning, feminine repurposing and whimsy!

Lots of tutorials out there for making zipper flowers ... I really like this one from Maya Road Company:

DIY: Paper pendant ...

A lovely little "how to" from Patricia at A Little Hut. 

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DIY: For the love of leafiness ...

A simple, cheap, very leafy little headband.  Full tutorial via MeSewCrazy.

Or make a felted-flower belt for Ms Dress-up!  Care of Shwin&Shwin 

Grown up version?  Go to Lark Crafts

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DIY: Felt flower accessories ...

Nothing brightens a wool coat like a big, flowery brooch.  Follow this great tutorial from Poldapop Designs and make one for yourself! 

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Upcycle: Silverware becomes silver WEAR!

Old silverware (or cutlery, where I'm from) is always so eye-catching.  They just don't make it like they used to right?  So why stick it in a drawer when you can WEAR it?  Get ready to cut metal with this great "spoon ring" tutorial from Through the Front Door ... while you're there, check out her round-up of new uses for old silverware!

Not really a ring person?  Stars for Streelights shows you how to make a fork bracelet.

Head to Simple Design for a fork-bracelet how to ...

Turn an old spoon into a pendant ... care of Miss Monday

I used to own a beautiful wind-chime made of old spoons and forks ... think I got it in England.  I lost it in a move - I remember it making a really soft, lulling sound in the wind.  Tutorial at Freckled Nest.

DIY: A super-easy headscarf!

I have more bad-hair days than good.  And most accessories look silly on me ... but this.  Hmmmm... this might work and it looks really easy to make!  Get instructions for the classic Melody Miller headscarf here.

Upcycle: Leafy T-shirt Scarf

I LOVE this!  Two old t-shirts, a little bleach, a little embroidery thread (or "floss" in US english) and voila!  Very eco-chic ... get the how-to from Joy Beadworks.

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DIY: Cover that e-Reader!

I recently caved and purchased an eReader for my book-loving, angry-birds-addicted partner.  And in the spirit of looking-like-I-made-an-effort, I threw together a case for the thing.  I had no pattern ... my measurements were it bit screwy ... it fit badly.  But it's the thought that counts right?  Ummmm... kinda.  Now, of course, three months later, there's this lovely pattern available ... free.  Sheesh.  Grab it from Lark Crafts!

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DIY: Undergrowth hat (free pattern)

I don't knit - I've probably said this before.  I know the basics and have successfully knit scarves, and an accidentally enormous "baby" blanket.  But in reality, I'm not a knitter - the patterns read like Greek to me.  And let's knot (!) forget that I learned to knit in South Africa ... American pattern conventions and abbreviations are different. 

Anyways, seeing this pattern really makes me wish I spoke the language and had the skills!  It's gorgeous ... I think I'd prefer it in earth tones.  Free pattern care of knitty.

Upcycle: Fabric scrap flower

Great way to use up fabric scraps .... all the instructions at How About Orange.

DIY: Headwrap / earwarmer ...

I sat at a craft fair last week and watched $20 mass-produced versions of these fly out the door ... they were polyester yarn and really chintzy.  But they also looked surprisingly good on everyone!  

I did not try one on, but wondered about dusting off the knitting needles and making one for myself.  Gotta say, I'd much rather sew one, especially if there's an upcycle opportunity in there too!  So thanks to Delia Creates for the super-simple tutorial via Prudent Baby.

DIY: Book-paper apple ornament...

This would make a really sweet ornament for a teacher ... perhaps?  In spite of all the "blood" and "despair"!  A really cute, totally pointless project that I cannot help loving. Thanks to NoBiggie.

Upcycle: Old-sweater scarflette ...

Last year I turned some old sweaters into hats.  Here's another really great way to re-use a favorite old (often stretched out) fuzzy item ... thanks to I am Momma, hear me roar guest-blogging at WhipUp.

Upcycle: Clip-on-earring Pendant ...


A necklace!  How often do you stand in thrift stores and stare at all those great vintage clip-ons?  And then wish you could *somehow* wear them?? You know, in way that wouldn't cut off the circulation in your earlobes?  Doe-c-doe makes the conversion of earrings into a necklace look pretty easy. 

DIY: Owl and Butterfly pins...



These lovely felt brooches are care of Bugs and Fishes by Lupin.  Here's the pattern for the owl pins.  Find the butterfly pattern here

Upcycle: Bottle-top buttons!

If you enjoy beer (or live with someone who does) then you're bound to collect caps faster than you'd really like.  And yes - you could turn them into fridge magnets but that's a little passe right?  So how about buttons???  Yup - that's what you're looking at!  These "bottle cap" buttons are upcycling at its best.  Check out the tutorial - making them really does look easy. 

Or if you're a button-loving baker (such a thing must exist!) then oggle these lovelies below:

I think these shortbread buttons, along with the gorgeous printable recipe, would make a great gift for my mom-in-law.  She's the great baker in the family but also loves to sew.   Of course, to make them for her, I'd actually have to bake....hmmmm.   You can find the step-by-step instructions and printable recipe here.

Upcycle: Washers and vintage pins into pendants...

You can never have too much jewelery.  Or perhaps I should just speak for myself.  And if you're me, you're always on the lookout for ways to make the bling rather than buy it!  So first - create these lovely necklaces from washers (care of a wonderful Little Birdie Secrets tutorial).  This looks super easy.  For less easy but with some serious wow factor, check out Bromeliad's tutorial on how to create a bib necklace from vintage pins.