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Recycle: Turn packaging into ...

A woven basket ....  (many more after the jump!)

Upcycle: D-ream-I-Y play kitchen ...

I think the pictures say it all really.  I am in awe.  Get the instructions at Paint on the Ceiling.

DIY: Whittle your own veggies...

When last did you whittle a whistle by the light of a gas lamp?  Or carve a carrot by the wood stove? Duo Fiberworks is literally rekindling (!) these lost arts ... with some serious updating!  Pretend "cut-able wood veggies" are trendy toddler toys right now.  So, grab the nearest twig, your carving knife and some velcro and get crafty.

DIY: Hold on to your hobby horse!

Apparently this little pony is also known as a stick horse ... but in my world, it's a hobby horse.  And, thanks to Hetty of Light Blue Grey, you can MAKE one yourself using a old sock.  How freakin' cool is that?

DIY: Cheap, cheap birdie fun ...

This beautiful quilted bird house and matching birdie rattles was a labor of love ... but worth it right?  It's a toy any infant will happily chew on and shake.  Later on, it'll be great for container play and peek-a-birdie! Full tutorial via Instructables

Talk about cheap, cheap, cheap and cheerful!  These would be great in a kid's room or craft room ... and SUCH a fun way to use up scrap fabric.  I would put the magnet *inside* the bird to child-proof it.  Then imagine the possibilities: counting, sorting, color-matching ... you could make them different sizes too!  Thanks to Two Girls Being Crafty

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DIY: Sunshiney Mod Pillow

It's the second week of January and Chicago continues to be ... er ... sunny.  Mild and sunny.  And devoid of snow. It's too weird.  It feels very wrong.  But it also feels like we're getting away with something after the Snowpocalypse of 2011.  To commemorate the strangeness:  an appropriately mod (we're talking about Chicago here people), easy pillow project from Smile and Wave. 

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DIY: Vintage suitcase turned dollhouse...

Oh the places she'll go!

This whimsical, portable, transformable, retro-cottagy, wonderous idea taps into my inner little girl like little else I've seen recently.  Not to mention my inner-applique-lover.  Head over to Prudent Baby for the full tutorial and lots more images.

DIY: Beans and Rice (bags) ...

Nothing goes together like rice and beans.  But there are other things you can do with lovely legumes and whole grains.  You can play with them!


Beans:  A simple make-it-yourself game that will also allow you to burn through all that scrap fabric piling up in a cupboard / closet / box / drawer somewhere - you know you're hoarding it.  Admit it. Not to mention all those spare beans you have lying around (!).  And who doesn't love beanbags?  But do you run the risk of turning your child into a bean-counter? Hah!  Forgive me.  I'm sleep-deprived.  It is completely irresponsible of me to be publishing anything for the world at large to read.  Here's the tutorial. 

RiceThese lovely warmers are for you, not your kids.  Unless you live in balmy climes in which case, go toss some bean bags.  Thanks to Little Birdie Secrets for yet another great tutorial. 

Printable: Amazing paper toys ...

Today is a paper toy day!  First, take a minute to watch a wonderful stop-motion video (The Curious Dream - From Flat to Flight) then download a beautiful flying elephant for yourself.  Thanks to The Curiosity Group - first seen at Paper Forest.

Then, thanks to Ann Wood, get your very own stampede of paper horses!  Tutorial and downloadable PDF here.


And finally, just in case you haven't had your fill, become a follower of Paper Forest and enjoy Free Toy Tuesday.  The adorable Bark-n-Honk picture above is available for download here.

DIY: The Toy Society!

My friend Jen told me about this blog today - it's like Bookcrossing but for toys!  I'm awaiting my formal instructions but the idea looks simple.  You make a toy, package it up and leave it somewhere for someone to take home!  I've been making a crew of creatures myself (see my other blog) so I'm going to enjoy packing one up and leaving it somewhere ... perhaps on the Alice-in-Wonderland-Chair at Open Books?  Hmmm...   Here's a shot of a "toy drop" :

DIY: Making Books with kids...


Here's an entire blog devoted to book-making that is kid-friendly!  There are tutorials and free pdf's for lots of different projects, suitable for children of all ages.  

Recycle: Holiday paper crafts ....

Gingerbread villages, paper pinwheels and more.  Head to Kate's Paperie for tutorials, inspiration and lots of lovely goodies to buy if you're not feeling crafty.