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Recycle: Pencil Holder

Cardboard inner tubes - they're everywhere: cling wrap, aluminum foil, kitchen paper towel, toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, yarn tubes, fabric roll tube ... etc.  Head over to Craft Passion for this super-sweet upcycle. 

Repurpose: The Monopoly on Charm...

Board games ... they have their charms.  But if your last Monopoly hotel has filed for Chapter 11... or Ms Scarlet has eloped with Ms Peacock (for her money, of course!) and abandoned the game, don't despair ... no need to be Sorry!  And no need to toss the whole box in trash! The page above is from the "Premiere" issue of Budget Living (10 years ago?) ... I thought the "board game shelf" was a great idea.  I still do. Here are the oh-so tricky instructions given by BL:  "To make each shelf, just screw two 4-inch L-brackets into a wall and attach the board to the brackets using multipurpose cement."  Then display!   (more ideas after the jump)

Recycle: Map Purse ...

Please note the little car?  Wonderful, whimsical idea ... get the how-to here.

DIY: Cupcake-liner garlands ...

I'm starting to think about the summer ... and someone's 2nd birthday.  I, naively, bought a bunch of liners last year then ended up not using them because they looked awful when they came out of the oven.  This garland would a great way to use them up!

DIY: With carefully crafted words, I thee wed

A year (and a day) ago, Terri and Adam got married (Happy Anniversary!).  

Terri Falvey is a crazy-talented copywriter/graphic designer ... who kinda likes books - we once taught reading classes together.  She married someone who apparently shares her interests  :)

Anyways, their wedding was a masterpiece of text/book-inspired craft, art, DIY, repurposing ... you name it. I've been meaning to ask permission to blog about it for ... er ... about a year now. So, on with the post.

(Photos by Edyta Szyszlo - please do not download without permission)

DIY: Button Trees - Round 1

Do you love buttons? Do you store them in jars? Me too.  How about storing them in a way that's a little more visual?  How about a little button art that allows you to actually use the buttons when/if you need them?

Behold ... the humble button tree.  This is a first attempt - there will be a "Round 2" in the near future because I have another idea...

Recycle: Turn packaging into ...

A woven basket ....  (many more after the jump!)

DIY: Paper-bead bookmark

Christmas 2005 was the holiday of the "book stuff".  I churned out book clocks (something I'll post about one day) and what I called "book-Its" by the dozen, both as gifts and to make a little extra cash.  Turns out those book-Its started to show a little wear towards the end of 2011 and a few friends have asked for another one... because it's their "go to" bookmark.  Since I'm making them anyway, here's a little how to.  They could not be simpler to make!  So here goes ... (Hit "Read More" for the full tutorial)

Upcycle: Puzzle me this ...

Take an old (cheap? ugly?) puzzle ....

Add paint (and the talents of Alisa Burke) ....

And voila ... a work of art!  Alisa provides a step-by-step tutorial for this little make-over.  Now, if only I had her talent!

Interested in doing this for a child?  Perhaps simplify a very complex puzzle so it's a little easier to put together.  Get inspiration from Made By Joel.

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DIY: Shades of paint samples ...

I'm starting to wonder about all these paint-sample crafts I keep seeing ... are the paint companies going to start charging for sample cards soon?  Check out Marie oh Marie for the instructions!

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Upcycle: The %*&$^ phone book ...

Phone books - they still arrive, with a thud. One of the great questions I put to the universe is why? Why do they still arrive?  To be turned into desk organizers? Perhaps. Visit the 3Rs for more on the idea pictured above. 

Another twist on the phone book desk organizer. Make your own with great instructions here.

The paper is pretty tricky to work with, but it makes sense for pasting onto a shade like this. Instructions here.

Great photo right?  Allison, of the 3Rs Blog, was also inspired by the thud (which is swiftly followed by the teetering pile outside the apartment building).  So she created this centerpiece ... for more pics and the how to head over to her blog.

Earth911 asked some of their favorite DIY/craft bloggers to come up with ways to repurpose phonebooks... above are the chosen five projects - I think the coasters are the most interesting! Click through for all the details

Phone book paper is also great for decoupage and paper mache.

Phone book letter, card or mail holders created for Design Sponge by Allison Patrick. Click through for the full tutorial

Use the pages to make beads and use the beads to make a brooch.

I used paper beads to make a book mark a few years ago. Phone book paper would work well for this too - instructions here.

Similar paper folding as beads... use the pages to make nesting bowls.

Clearly, this vintage case has been refabbed with sheet music. But the possibilities are endless and I think black and white pages from a phone book would look amazing. Great tutorial here.

I think the weight of phone books also makes them ideal for building furniture, like the poof picture above. They'd have to be turned spines in or painted. 

To opt out of receiving next year's phone book, go here.

DIY: Paper pendant ...

A lovely little "how to" from Patricia at A Little Hut. 

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Printable: Instagram Nanibirds ...

I have always loved the Nanibirds.  I don't know why I want them ... I just do.  They're adorable. And free to print. 

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DIY: Paper bird cages ...

These were designed bLaurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie for Brides Cafe. I'm smitten!  Yes, they're clearly appropriate for wedding decor.  But they'd be great in a kid's room too ... perhaps a mobile?  Full tutorial here.

Upcycle: A Bloomin' Bottle...

An old soda bottle, salvaged wire, an old dictionary (magazines would work great too!), glue and masking tape.  I believe that's the full list of ingredients required to make this lovely bit of decor.  Full tutorial at Ocasiocasa.

Recycle: And the tree said, "Take that!"

It seems fitting, that paper be turned back into trees.  Make these lovelies from junk-mail - instructions at A Little Hut

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DIY: Make a valentine ...

Handy with a saw?  This tutorial involves cutting, roasting (or nuking-to kill the critters) gluing etc ... but the result is great.  Check out her mirror while you're there... thanks Pretty Handy Girl!

Wrapping yarn around balloons is a technique popping up everywhere ... lovely twist on the the idea at Made by Michelle ... she also has a sweet fabric heart garland tutorial.

A page is for folding
A plane is for flying
A feeling is for saying
and sending and sighing!

Write a letter to your love ... then send it across the room via paper plane (printable - designed by Cathe from Just Something I Made)

I'm also loving these printable soap labels (could be used to wrap candy bars or decorate DIY party crackers!) ... care of Soap Deli News.

Super-cute printable notes from Fresh-Picked Whimsy ...

And .... some pipe-cleaner decor!  Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery

Heart-shaped page markers from Craft & Creativity (tutorial in English and Swedish)

Classy printable card and "coupons" care of Love vs. Design

One of many printable vintage valentines care of Cheeky Magpie...

Make a paper-heart mobile ... from Being Brook

Tutorial and free printable from Creature Comforts...

Four adorable printables from Hello!Lucky ...  For many, many others see the round up at The Long Thread.

Make a puffy origami heart garland ....

DIY: Book Planter

Yup - more book altering today.  Wednesday is a beautiful blog full of beautiful DIY ideas.  Lots of wedding-design goodies ... including these book-planter center-pieces.

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