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DIY: D-I-Wire Chandelier ...

Mmmm... love this.  A little 14 gauge galvanized wire, a little time. Go make it

DIY: Cupcake-liner garlands ...

I'm starting to think about the summer ... and someone's 2nd birthday.  I, naively, bought a bunch of liners last year then ended up not using them because they looked awful when they came out of the oven.  This garland would a great way to use them up!

DIY: Mielie Peeps ...t-shirt weaving tutorial

"Mielie" is, officially, the Afrikaans word for corn/maize.  But it's also the word all South Africans use for corn (and its by-products), no matter what language they happen to speak. Now, "Mielie" is a small business after my own heart. Employing over 50 artists the mission is "to design and produce innovative, export-quality hand-crafted products using reclaimed materials - with the aim of creating employment and restoring dignity and financial independence to South Africans".  The Mielie Peeps work out of their homes, sell across the planet, share a community garden and create the most amazing things using strips of t-shirt fabric!!

The items pictured here are the tip of the Mielie-berg.  I cannot begin to capture the variety and creativity of these folks.  Wanna learn to weave like a Mielie Peep?  Follow the links to the two free tutorials... after the jump.

Refashion: Recyled sweater hats ...

This is a project I've been sitting on for years! That means old sweaters taking up space "in-waiting". I finally found the right inspiration and here they are. I was really inspired by this lovely project from One Pearl Button. Ultimately, I followed (most of) the instructions given for this one.

I ignored the advice re. cotton-blend sweaters and surged the edges of the pieces once cut out. They did just fine. Instead of stitching in the top edges on the brown hat, I turned them out to create the flower - never lose an opportunity for a touch of whimsy! I also made a lining out of a soft cotton knit so that these babies are actually warm.

DIY: Daisy chain doodle...

I decided to stop yapping and start making one. I'm liking it!

A paperback apple a day...

Ok - this is not mine at all. But I had such a strong "wish I'd thought of that!" moment that I wanted to post the idea. Cheeky Magpie has the whole tutorial here. I think a bunch of these would make a great mobile.

Book Folds

Years after first making these "book folds", we still love them. Inspiration came from Mary Bennett, an artist and curator living in Santa Fe. She does the most amazing things with books! The top image (above) is from one of her exhibitions.