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DIY: Beans and Rice (bags) ...

Nothing goes together like rice and beans.  But there are other things you can do with lovely legumes and whole grains.  You can play with them!


Beans:  A simple make-it-yourself game that will also allow you to burn through all that scrap fabric piling up in a cupboard / closet / box / drawer somewhere - you know you're hoarding it.  Admit it. Not to mention all those spare beans you have lying around (!).  And who doesn't love beanbags?  But do you run the risk of turning your child into a bean-counter? Hah!  Forgive me.  I'm sleep-deprived.  It is completely irresponsible of me to be publishing anything for the world at large to read.  Here's the tutorial. 

RiceThese lovely warmers are for you, not your kids.  Unless you live in balmy climes in which case, go toss some bean bags.  Thanks to Little Birdie Secrets for yet another great tutorial. 

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