Repurpose: Tin-can whimsy ... | the ReFab Diaries
I'm still thinking about smoothing rough edges ... in this case sharp, metal edges.  Considering the quantities of soda/beer consumed across the planet, it's safe to say we're drowning in the cans.  And the idea of re-using them is appealing, especially for jewelry! But what about all those sharp edges? Apparently, there are ways to smooth them, make them safe.... bring out a softer side.  Here goes ...

Great, detailed how-to for these sweet metal flowers ... not designed to be worn so no worries about those edges, except in the making.

Similar idea from Tenth Muse Studios ... Pop Flower Magnets!

Crafty Lady shows you how to make these metal charms safely ... using Modge Podge Dimensional Magic.

Colorful, metal pin DIY from Craftstylish

Finally, some great ideas from Rings and Things.  Look for instructions on "how to" coat them with liquid polymer clay to make them safe!
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