Upcycle: 3-ring binders into retro Barbie house! | the ReFab Diaries

Take four, 3-ring binders... some great instructions from Southern Disposition ... and voila - a very stylish, retro-chic house for Barbie!  But wait, there's more. Everything you see is DIY (with a lot of repurposing involved); the bathroom, the furniture, the bedding. See those kitchen chairs? Made from wire hangers!  So here are the links you need:

Make the 3-ring binder Barbie House

Make the bed and bedding

Make the living-room furniture

Make the kitchen table and chairs 

Make the bathtub and sink
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  1. Love it! And I've had good luck finding binders at Goodwill - they have stacks in good condition for about 50cents each.


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