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ReFab: Contemporary art refabbed by YOU!

Have you ever looked at a great piece of contemporary art and thought "damn, that's amazing. But there's no way I can make those colors work!" Well, meet JuicyCanvas - the brainchild of husband and-wife team Deb and Artur. Now you can bring a little of your own creativity to original work and get exactly what you want. This means, completely customized contemporary artwork with a touch of "hey, look what I did!" And because you do the customizing yourself, it's affordable.

Launching out of NYC and Buenos Aires, Argentina, JuicyCanvas takes an artist’s “finished” artwork and "automagically" unlocks it for personalization and experimentation. With just a few clicks, you can change colors, add gradients, rotate, resize and reposition. And artists - if you're looking for exposure then submit your portfolio... they want to hear from you! They're also interested in art students and emerging new artists. 

So here's how it works. You browse the galleries (and "meet" the artists). When you see something you like, you get to play like a kid in an art class!

This is the "customizing" screen. You click on the color boxes to reveal the entire palette and, with that as your guide, you get to change the look of the piece completely.

I like to combine blue and orange - the color scheme in Ms Ro's room. So for a while, I nixed the pink and brought in orange tones.

Then, for the purposes of showing this off to you, I lost all the blue and selected various pink / purple tones. Fun right?

In fact, this site could turn into a terrible time-waster if you're not careful. And once you're done refabbing your masterpiece, you get to share what you (re) created ... of course.  :)

The resulting piece - either significantly altered or untouched - can then be purchased as a framed fine-art print or stretched canvas (and coming soon: t-shirts, iPhones cases etc). I had a lot of fun with this - I encourage you to play!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I agreed to feature JuicyCanvas because I like the concept. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Hi Candice,

    Thanks so much for spreading the love!
    We're also about to launch other customizable products like t-shirts and pillows.. so you can finally create your own PERSONALIZED collection of tees!

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    -Team JuicyCanvas