Reducing waste through upcycling, repurposing, refashioning and reloving.

Waste? Not! - Day 1

Last week I read an article pointing out that people who live in the US produce more trash than anyone else on the planet. And, apparently, don't recycle nearly as much as we should. It got me thinking ... about a lot of things. One of them being the words we use to indicate that something is "trash": garbage, rubbish, refuse, junk, disposable-X and waste. 

I grew up with parents and grandparents who loathed "waste". And they didn't mean garbage. They meant squandering. Or neglecting instead of using. They used the word to convey lack of appreciation on some level. It was often leveled as an accusation: "What a waste!" And nothing got my grandmothers fired up quite like wasted food. 

They lived by the idiom "waste not, want not." A more streamlined version of "willful waste makes woeful want." And what exactly does that mean? It means if we don't waste what we have, we'll still have it in the future and will not lack (want) it

With that in mind, welcome to Waste? Not! Week. A week of celebrating people and organizations who looks for ways to reduce waste. People who take what might be "wasted" and use it well. To make something useful. Something beautiful. Something that reminds us that our definition of "disposable" has become dangerously distorted over time. 

To kick things off, a giveaway ... check back tomorrow :) 

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