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Repurpose: Old drawer and dresser mirror

This is what happens when a drawer I found in an alley meets a salvaged dresser mirror from The Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse! Since I bought the mirror with a Groupon I got for my birthday, the total cost of this project was about $10 (shelf brackets and wood stain). 

Here's the mirror in all it's dirty, neglected glory. I love the art-deco lines and beveled glass. The mirror glass itself is in perfect vintage condition.

I found these drawers in an alley about 6 months ago. The drawer fronts are insanely solid pieces of wood. Perfect shelves! So I hung on to them. 

Making the shelf was easy. I took off the drawer pulls. Then, with the help of a hammer, I removed the front of the drawer. Besides a few scratches, there was little wrong with the front side of the wood. So I gave it a coat of varnish (really a stain/seal combo) and that was it really. 

The brackets were just over a $1 each on eBay. I spent quite a bit of time painting them with a variety of metallics. Positioning each bracket differently was a mistake! But once it was done, I decided I liked it and left it that way. :) 

The mirror was filthy... and thirsty! So first step was cleaning, including removing various sticky patches from the glass. Then the wood brackets came off (one ended up here). 

Then the varnishing began. I think this shot shows pretty clearly how dry the wood was! 

Me, all refab-happy! This beautiful thing came to life really quickly care of the wood finish!

Two coats (and some fine touching up) later, it was done. 

I knocked a hanger into the back of it and there they are. 

If you're interested in details on the book vase, click here. Before you do though, see the piece of wood on book? It's one of the mirror brackets. 

What do you think??? 

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