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Upcycle: Nut container DIY lampshade

Here's a familiar story: I just happened to be around when my neighbor was throwing out a lamp. Solid wood base. Old electrical cord but in perfect working order. How could I resist? Small issue... no shade. I took my time deciding what would work in the room - I wanted warm light. And I wanted to create something that would work in a vintage / boho-inspired space. Something a bit like this: 

Repurpose: Ugly + Ugly = Great lighting!

Ugh... those nasty light fixtures that developers use when they literally refuse to spend more than 25c on lighting. I'm not a fan. Nor do I love the ugly wire planters that come out in the spring ... but at least they get covered up with whatever is planted in them!

But somehow these two things are combined into something I love. It's clever, simple and the color choice is perfect. Complete Cage Light tutorial at Rook No 17.

Really simple idea from the Ambitious Procrastinator ... but effective!  Check out the tutorial and all her other lighting DIYs.

And this?  Click through to see more images and get the full effect. This is such a high-impact refab and I can imagine that the actual light it gives off is really warm. Rock on Cleverly Inspired.