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Repurpose: Milk Jug Fort / Igloo

I don't have much to say about this beyond .... hello!!!  How freakin' cool????  You only need approx ... ummm... 400 milk jugs. But I think a classroom of small humans might create that many in a month!  Care of Tinkerlab

Upcycle: Bubbles+Food coloring = ART!

You know those framed prints that take up oodles of space at thrift stores? The ones of basset hounds, fox hunts, manor houses and historic street scenes? The ones no one really wants, even though they're 50c? Well next time you see one, buy it.  Then add food coloring to bubbles and let your kids turn it into art! Complete tutorial at Life As a Thrifter.

Upcycle: Old nightstands into a play kitchen!

Original images via the Farmer's Nest - Collage by me. Please use kindly

One day I will have to round up all the amazing DIY/Re-do play kitchens I've seen ... the transformations never cease to dazzle me!  This one is care of The Farmer's Nest - please click through for the complete how-to.  (via Life As a Thrifter)

DIY: Wind-up paper butterflies ...

Great tutorial ... because who doesn't want to make a flutter / swarm / rabble / kaleidoscope of wind-up Monarchs??  

Repurpose: Onesies into Swing Tops

Most of Ms Ro's clothes are hand-me-downs or consignment/thrift store buys. Because Ms K is thrifty. And because Ro grows out of everything so fast, what's the point?  One BIG issue is the shift from season to season. Example: I bought a 4-pack of beautiful long-sleeved onesies (babygrows) from a Carter's outlet ($5 for 4!) ... that Ro hardly wore because they were too big. Since most of them were in good condition, I didn't want to just pass them on! So, I combined them and turned them into summer swing tops. I want them to last a while, so just cutting off the bottom and sleeves was not enough. My goal was to make them wider too. That way, when they start getting a little short, it won't matter as much.  This is not a great tutorial I'm afraid.  My "demo" onesie ended up a mess because I got distracted mid-project.  But here's what I can show you.  

Recycle: Cardboard Barbie House

Earlier this year, I featured the Faraway Tree created by the amazing ex-physics teacher / mom blogging at ikatbag.  Just recently, she set out to construct a Barbie House for her three girls.  It's a wonder... complete with an elevator and glowing fireplace. Go take a look at it in detail.

Inspire: Repurposing at the Children's Museum ...

Winter in the midwest is long ... when you have a kid, it's interminable. I had no idea!!  So we asked relatives to get us a membership to the Chicago Children's Museum (good way to minimize how much stuff we got for her first birthday).  We figured it would help us get out of the house and give the wee person a place to run around and be crazy.  We thought we were being pretty smart at the time.  With hindsight, it was a genius decision!  I love the place.  It's welcoming, stimulating and, above all, constantly surprising.  Since the focus is on tactile experience, we spend a lot of time *doing* stuff.  But the last time we were there, I spent some time just looking ... and guess what I saw?  Repurposing, recycling and ingenius refashioning everywhere!  So here's a taste.

DIY: Up and Down (t-shirt) Penguin...

He's inspired by a book and he's made of old t-shirts and scrap fabric.  And the tutorial/pattern is offered free by MeSewCrazy.  I'd say he deserves center-stage on this blog.

DIY: Button Trees - Round 1

Do you love buttons? Do you store them in jars? Me too.  How about storing them in a way that's a little more visual?  How about a little button art that allows you to actually use the buttons when/if you need them?

Behold ... the humble button tree.  This is a first attempt - there will be a "Round 2" in the near future because I have another idea...

DIY: Hand trees ...

Unlike trees, little hands grow very fast ... so catch 'em while you can!  Trace them onto fabric and use modge podge and your stash of scraps to make the leaves.  This simple, beautiful "kid craft" is from a mom who "hates kid's crafts" because "five minutes after they have created something, I want to throw it away. I just don't like the clutter."  Amen. Thanks to Kalleen At Second Street.

Recycle: Turn packaging into ...

A woven basket ....  (many more after the jump!)

Upcycle: D-ream-I-Y play kitchen ...

I think the pictures say it all really.  I am in awe.  Get the instructions at Paint on the Ceiling.

DIY: Whittle your own veggies...

When last did you whittle a whistle by the light of a gas lamp?  Or carve a carrot by the wood stove? Duo Fiberworks is literally rekindling (!) these lost arts ... with some serious updating!  Pretend "cut-able wood veggies" are trendy toddler toys right now.  So, grab the nearest twig, your carving knife and some velcro and get crafty.

Upcycle: Puzzle me this ...

Take an old (cheap? ugly?) puzzle ....

Add paint (and the talents of Alisa Burke) ....

And voila ... a work of art!  Alisa provides a step-by-step tutorial for this little make-over.  Now, if only I had her talent!

Interested in doing this for a child?  Perhaps simplify a very complex puzzle so it's a little easier to put together.  Get inspiration from Made By Joel.

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DIY: Cheap, cheap birdie fun ...

This beautiful quilted bird house and matching birdie rattles was a labor of love ... but worth it right?  It's a toy any infant will happily chew on and shake.  Later on, it'll be great for container play and peek-a-birdie! Full tutorial via Instructables

Talk about cheap, cheap, cheap and cheerful!  These would be great in a kid's room or craft room ... and SUCH a fun way to use up scrap fabric.  I would put the magnet *inside* the bird to child-proof it.  Then imagine the possibilities: counting, sorting, color-matching ... you could make them different sizes too!  Thanks to Two Girls Being Crafty

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Recycle: Downsize a sweater!

I have three old stretched-out sweaters sitting in a box waiting for exactly this kind of repurposing!  Thanks to Homemade Ginger for the great tutorial!  (Headband tutorial is separate)

Recycle: Waxing colorful ...

If you've got kids (or work with kids) you've got crayons.  Lots of them. Melting down broken pieces to create colorful "new" crayons is an old idea ... but a good one, so I keep seeing creative versions for weddings, holidays and parties.  If the silicone cookie /candy mould exists, you can make crayons in that shape (gingerbread crayons for the holidays?)

I was inspired to finally feature crayons myself thanks to the amazing "crayon art" tutorial recently posted on 52 Kitchen Adventures.  What a FANTASTIC way to involve kids in making art... never mind the "science" of melting, mixing, cooling etc.

Melted crayon wedding favors?  Not sure about this one ... but great for the kid's table!

A different, more grown-up take on the dripping crayon art idea... care of Jenna Brown

An oh-so-pretty example of sorting the scraps and re-inventing them! 

A sweet, colorful valentine that includes a little sparkle .... from Whipperberry.  

Crayon-themed birthday party?  Color me in!

DIY: For the love of leafiness ...

A simple, cheap, very leafy little headband.  Full tutorial via MeSewCrazy.

Or make a felted-flower belt for Ms Dress-up!  Care of Shwin&Shwin 

Grown up version?  Go to Lark Crafts

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DIY: Paper bird cages ...

These were designed bLaurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie for Brides Cafe. I'm smitten!  Yes, they're clearly appropriate for wedding decor.  But they'd be great in a kid's room too ... perhaps a mobile?  Full tutorial here.

DIY: When a penguin spots a polka-dot ...

A proud, prancing penguin,
A polka-dotted king!
A black-and-white companion
Who doesn't eat a thing...

Get the goods on how to make him from The Purl Bee.

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