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DIY: Whittle your own veggies...

When last did you whittle a whistle by the light of a gas lamp?  Or carve a carrot by the wood stove? Duo Fiberworks is literally rekindling (!) these lost arts ... with some serious updating!  Pretend "cut-able wood veggies" are trendy toddler toys right now.  So, grab the nearest twig, your carving knife and some velcro and get crafty.

Upcycle: Puzzle me this ...

Take an old (cheap? ugly?) puzzle ....

Add paint (and the talents of Alisa Burke) ....

And voila ... a work of art!  Alisa provides a step-by-step tutorial for this little make-over.  Now, if only I had her talent!

Interested in doing this for a child?  Perhaps simplify a very complex puzzle so it's a little easier to put together.  Get inspiration from Made By Joel.

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DIY: Cheap, cheap birdie fun ...

This beautiful quilted bird house and matching birdie rattles was a labor of love ... but worth it right?  It's a toy any infant will happily chew on and shake.  Later on, it'll be great for container play and peek-a-birdie! Full tutorial via Instructables

Talk about cheap, cheap, cheap and cheerful!  These would be great in a kid's room or craft room ... and SUCH a fun way to use up scrap fabric.  I would put the magnet *inside* the bird to child-proof it.  Then imagine the possibilities: counting, sorting, color-matching ... you could make them different sizes too!  Thanks to Two Girls Being Crafty

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Recycle: Downsize a sweater!

I have three old stretched-out sweaters sitting in a box waiting for exactly this kind of repurposing!  Thanks to Homemade Ginger for the great tutorial!  (Headband tutorial is separate)

DIY: For the love of leafiness ...

A simple, cheap, very leafy little headband.  Full tutorial via MeSewCrazy.

Or make a felted-flower belt for Ms Dress-up!  Care of Shwin&Shwin 

Grown up version?  Go to Lark Crafts

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DIY: Paper bird cages ...

These were designed bLaurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie for Brides Cafe. I'm smitten!  Yes, they're clearly appropriate for wedding decor.  But they'd be great in a kid's room too ... perhaps a mobile?  Full tutorial here.

DIY: When a penguin spots a polka-dot ...

A proud, prancing penguin,
A polka-dotted king!
A black-and-white companion
Who doesn't eat a thing...

Get the goods on how to make him from The Purl Bee.

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DIY: Hot Air Balloon ...

The owl and the pussycat went to sea.
In a beautiful pea green boat ...
The zebra was jealous
And yes, she lacks feathers
But nevertheless, off she floats!

Whimsical, wonderful DIY care of Momtastic.

DIY: Play with your food!

If you know a kid who knows the difference between playdough and actual chocolate cookie dough, Nutella Playdough might be a TON of fun.  And you get to eat Nutella while you make the playdough - always a perk. Anyone else see April fool's day potential in this???

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Recycle: Toys from Trash

Arvind Gupta thinks “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it!”

I don’t even know where to start with this one. His web site boasts an astonishing range of educational experiments like how to fashion a potato battery and a bottle barometer. But in addition to the nerdy, educational stuff, the site features quick and easy one-offs that aren't the least bit science-y, like how to fold six types of newspaper hat.