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Board games ... they have their charms.  But if your last Monopoly hotel has filed for Chapter 11... or Ms Scarlet has eloped with Ms Peacock (for her money, of course!) and abandoned the game, don't despair ... no need to be Sorry!  And no need to toss the whole box in trash! The page above is from the "Premiere" issue of Budget Living (10 years ago?) ... I thought the "board game shelf" was a great idea.  I still do. Here are the oh-so tricky instructions given by BL:  "To make each shelf, just screw two 4-inch L-brackets into a wall and attach the board to the brackets using multipurpose cement."  Then display!   (more ideas after the jump)

Please note the little car?  Wonderful, whimsical idea ... get the how-to here.

I'm starting to think about the summer ... and someone's 2nd birthday.  I, naively, bought a bunch of liners last year then ended up not using them because they looked awful when they came out of the oven.  This garland would a great way to use them up!

A year (and a day) ago, Terri and Adam got married (Happy Anniversary!).  

Terri Falvey is a crazy-talented copywriter/graphic designer ... who kinda likes books - we once taught reading classes together.  She married someone who apparently shares her interests  :)

Anyways, their wedding was a masterpiece of text/book-inspired craft, art, DIY, repurposing ... you name it. I've been meaning to ask permission to blog about it for ... er ... about a year now. So, on with the post.

(Photos by Edyta Szyszlo - please do not download without permission)

Do you love buttons? Do you store them in jars? Me too.  How about storing them in a way that's a little more visual?  How about a little button art that allows you to actually use the buttons when/if you need them?

Behold ... the humble button tree.  This is a first attempt - there will be a "Round 2" in the near future because I have another idea...

A woven basket ....  (many more after the jump!)

Christmas 2005 was the holiday of the "book stuff".  I churned out book clocks (something I'll post about one day) and what I called "book-Its" by the dozen, both as gifts and to make a little extra cash.  Turns out those book-Its started to show a little wear towards the end of 2011 and a few friends have asked for another one... because it's their "go to" bookmark.  Since I'm making them anyway, here's a little how to.  They could not be simpler to make!  So here goes ... (Hit "Read More" for the full tutorial)

If you sew for children (or you shop for them using a tape measure vs. the sizes printed on the tags) you NEED these little measurement charts.  And I do mean need ... 'cos they're beyond cute. 

Might also be fun to print off a bunch and tape them into an album or scrap book year after year... a mobile "growth chart".  Thanks to Oliver+S.

I love Joel and everything he makes.  Templates for printable gift tags from Made by Joel.  While you're there, look at the coloring sheets!

Arvind Gupta thinks “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it!”

I don’t even know where to start with this one. His web site boasts an astonishing range of educational experiments like how to fashion a potato battery and a bottle barometer. But in addition to the nerdy, educational stuff, the site features quick and easy one-offs that aren't the least bit science-y, like how to fold six types of newspaper hat.