Reducing waste through upcycling, repurposing, refashioning and reloving.

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Waste? Not! Day 2 - Trashy Crafter Giveaway

Welcome to Waste? Not! Day 2. This week I'm questioning the word "WASTE" and celebrating people and organizations who do the same. They see potential in the discarded. They use it to make something useful. Something beautiful. Something that reminds us that our definition of "disposable" has become dangerously distorted over time. Kicking us off: a giveaway from the wonderful Trashy Crafter. Kim was a guest blogger last summer. Very simply, she and her mom keep books out of landfills. 

DIY: Wearable words ...

When I was looking around for tutorials on making paper beads, I found some really striking "book beads" and accessories, now collected in this post.  I understand (after all the browsing) that you can make really durable "beads" easily ... very little time, skill or money required.  Woohoo!  Who doesn't need more jewelery?  (UPDATE 6/12: See the follow up post for more wordy accessories)