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Trimming my waste: Week 33 (breadbox upcycles)

When you commit to 51 weeks of posts and then you skip a week ... well, it feels odd. But I had to thanks to being sick. Again. My immune system has been less than effective this year.

How is this relevant to breadboxes? It's not. But it has provided the kick I needed to take a hard look at the way I eat. And I'll tell you more about the changes I've made next week because they are, actually, relevant. To both breadboxes and trimming my waste!

Meanwhile... I needed to go back to my blog roots a little to get back on this wagon. I used to do a lot of these repurposing round ups in pre-Pinterest days (remember those?). So let's have some fun with old breadboxes before I tell you about my much-lower-waste eating.

Upcycle: Breadbox doll house

In October I took Ms Ro to Fat Blossom Farm's Forest Fairy Festival (in Michigan). I know I was motivated, in part, by my love of miniature worlds ... especially ones made out of repurposed materials! You won't be surprised to know that I was in love with The Borrowers growing up. And The Wombles! I always loved the idea that in some other world, there are creatures "making good use of the things that (they) find, things that the everyday folk leave behind." And have you seen The Boxtrolls? You must! 

Anyway, I recently stumbled upon this amazing breadbox dollhouse created by Dan Borg, a former employee of The Rebuilding Center and an amazing mosaic artist. I was, of course, entranced!
The tub is the brass housing from a broken music box. The faucets are cup hooks! The window boxes are drawer pulls with shredded carpet for vegetation. For many more images, visit the Flickr page.