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Repurpose: Fab clock on a ReFab budget ...

If anyone tried to profile my "style" it would be, at best, eclectic. At worst, disjointed and fickle. Case in point: I saw a $98 clock on that made me look twice. That little "I can make that" voice went off in my head like a siren... after all, how cool would it be to turn an expensive "Fab" into a "ReFab"? On the other hand, it's not quite "me". There's an aesthetic out there epitomized, for me, by Ariele Alasko. It resonates for me.

Ariele creates wonders with wood. And her Instagram feed is my daily reminder that I'd really just like to go live in a treehouse. That's a shot of her home above ... see the bones, feathers, wood etc? I love that look - I think it's the African upbringing. Sort of industrial-naturalist? Hip-folk? Boho-noir? I have no idea. I just like it. So when I ultimately made my Fab clock, it included real pinecones, feather-of-guinea-fowl and quill-of-porcupine!  And it cost around $8. 

Read on for the how-to ...