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ReFab: West Elm inspired dresser

There's a furniture makeover. There's even a rescue. Then, there's what Retropolitan did with this dresser - more like a resuscitation, or resurrection! I don't shy away from a challenge (see this) but this transformation blows me away. I can't wait for my next alley rescue ... wood veneer here I come! Visit Retropolitan for the complete refab.

Upcycle: Old nightstands into a play kitchen!

Original images via the Farmer's Nest - Collage by me. Please use kindly

One day I will have to round up all the amazing DIY/Re-do play kitchens I've seen ... the transformations never cease to dazzle me!  This one is care of The Farmer's Nest - please click through for the complete how-to.  (via Life As a Thrifter)

Upcycle: 12 Step Dresser Rehab...

I have a lot of creative, crafty friends - lucky me!  However, too many of them are blog-unfriendly. Or perhaps blog-inconsiderate is a better descriptor.  By this I mean, they are not organized enough to take good before, during and after shots of their projects. And then post their pics to Facebook where I can oggle them and say "hey - I want to share that!".  Perhaps it's time for some new, more me-oriented friends. Except Lynzie - she gets to stay. Because she's an energetic, committed teacher who, just this week, is on her way to a new life and a new middle school in Holmes County Mississippi (and I'm SO proud of her for 7 different reasons)... oh, and she also took pics of this awesome dresser makeover that I get to share with you today!