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Upcycle: For Halloween ...

I rarely create holiday-specific posts, but this year I've seen enough awesome halloween "upcycles" that I feel compelled to round them up and share. Like the diction-fairy costume pictured above .... really? Does it get any better??? Good tutorials here and here

I featured this creepy idea a long time ago in a post dedicated to repurposing old umbrellas. I'm bringing it back out again because it remains a great idea!

Love this Frankestein bottle care ... DIY of Crafting a Green World

Not really upcycling ... they're crocheted. And I love them ... so go take a look at more lovely images of them at Cute Cottage Overload

Old grill rack turned spider web? Yes. Simple and easy. Care of Petticoat Junktion

And finally ... some creepy dolls. Because I don't think anything's creepier than creepy doll heads. More at Sweet Pickins Furniture 

DIY: Halloween costume wonders ...

I should be sharing Ms Ro's costume with you today... but she's sick. And doing the kind of fitting and fiddling and futzing necessary to make her costume happen... well, it's not very fair to her.

So instead I'm sharing just a few of the wonderful DIY kid's costumes you'll find over at Oh Happy Day. Just in case, like me, you still don't have anything prepared. I love the Frida Kahlo idea. But the snail might be my favorite!