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ReFab: Blogging for Makers and Creators

What do you have to say and what are you giving away?

I started this blog in 2009 because I kept seeing things online that I wanted to share. And "share" was not such a super easy thing back then.  "Blogging" too was a different thing, in the pre-Pinterest world. I was also not in marketing when I started. That changed. I'm now a full-time, agency writer and have been living and breathing marketing (along with blogging) for several years.

Yes, the blog is a personal thing - a forum for sharing my ideas and those of others. But I've used my blog (and helped others create blogs) specifically to market art, books, crafts and other lovely things. It's this combined career and blogging experience that made me feel ok accepting the above invite from the Berwyn Makers. I've learned a few things. And now I'm thrilled to be able to share what I know and help if I can. Here's a summary of what I covered (and what I learned) at the Berwyn Makers gathering. NOTE: these are my opinions based on personal experience and instinct. Nothing more.