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Thrift stores are full of old leather belts, jackets and purses that are so far out of style / size / this decade (!) that no one really wants them. So they're often insanely cheap. Here's my challenge to you:  I've gathered 23 projects for you. If you leave this post without being inspired to dig out that old jacket ... or rush out and thrift one of those poor old leather items, I'll bite down on something ... 

Most shoe re-do's or "upcycles" I see involve very high heels, glitter, jewels and dipping in neon paint. It will probably not surprise you to hear that I don't wear a lot of glitter-dipped, bejeweled stilettos. I enjoy heels on very specific occasions.  But my current favorite shoes are blood red Dansko mary-janes that I got at a thrift store for $15. I "upcycled" them with a little shoe polish - wonderful substance!  Anyway, I am intrigued by the idea of shoe re-do's ... and shoe repurposing.  And once in a while, a project stands out. Here goes!

First, head over to A Little Tipsy and learn how to use an old t-shirt to turn flip flops into espadrilles (pictured above)!    

I've decided that Elsie Larson is the inspiration behind "The New Girl" ... every time I visit her lovely blog (A Beautiful Mess) I think of Jess.  Go take a look .... tell me I'm wrong.  And while you're there, learn how to put a spring in your step!