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Inspiration: Metamorphosis ...

Last week wasn't exactly colorful on the blog... what with all those negatives. So you won't be surprised to discover that this week there will be a LOT of color, and fewer... negatives.  Today I'm taking a little inspiration break and sharing pics I took yesterday at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Metamorphosis is attractive to me, in theory and practice. I like the idea of living things as evolving bodies of work - constantly, changing, being remade, reincarnated etc. So yesterday we stood watching butterflies being born. It hurt me to watch. Partly because it's beautiful. And partly because it looked like an excruciating, very lonely process. I kept thinking, "who's waiting for you once you manage to get out? Where's the midwife to catch you?" Then I spent some time in the butterfly room itself, watching them fly, eat and rest. And I felt better.  :)

Happy Earth Day weekend!

It was a beautiful Sat morning in Chicago, spent at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  The indoor farmer's market is in full swing (hello first fresh asparagus of the season!) and my toddler loves the place.  The light was amazing today so I'm indulging myself a little and sharing some pics with you.  Happy Earth Day!

Refab@home: New Weekly Feature!

If I could take you on a tour of my home, I'd proudly point out every thrifted, upcycled, alley-scoured and hand-me-down item.  I like stories ... so I enjoy being surrounded by things that have some history and tell a story.  BUT, I'm not about to try a blog-style home tour - I don't have the photographer chops for that.  And, a toddler has invaded my home, so there are far too many messy toddler piles everywhere.  However, I would like to share shoes, jewelry, corners and favorites ... things I love that might inspire you... and that I can actually photograph.  So, in tried-and-true blogger tradition, I'm creating a weekly feature. Thrifty Thursday posts will be dedicated to the various thrifted corners of my home and my closet.

Word Doodle: A Book is to Read ...

Those of you who've been reading my various scribbles for a while will know that this little ode to stories was written almost a year ago. It's been floating around in my head all day so I'm posting it ... let's say I'm feeling self-indulgent (and, also, I don't have a crafty post that like enough to publish today).
If you're familiar with A Hole is to Dig (Ruth Krauss - illus. by Maurice Sendak) then you'll recognize some of the structure. 

DIY: My Advent extravaganza ...

One day we will have 24 seasonally-appropriate books to wrap up.  For now, I wrapped what we've got and lots of little bits and pieces that would be stocking stuffers any other year!  The hope is that Ms Ro (16 months) will understand present opening by Christmas day ... and will have figured out that her super cute "thank you" should be uttered post gift opening!  I still have to find and wrap up another 6 goodies.  Sheesh!

DIY: Last day of Orange ...

I think of this time of year as the season of orange.  Thanks to Halloween and Thanksgiving, I get to wear orange, cook orange things and decorate with the color ... legitimately.  The fact that I use the color all through the year too results in eye-rolling from some family members.  Ah well.  

So in honor of the last legitimate day of orange (before I get steamrolled by the green-red-white-silver-gold combo), I'm showing off the first item of clothing I've sewn in about 25 years.  This little pinafore/jumper for Ms Ro was made using an Etsy pattern and fat-quarter fabric that's been lying around for a couple of years. She'll be wearing it tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving ... happy last day of orange to you all. 

Upcycle: Old "onesies" + applique ...

I'm a big fan of repurposing ... anything and everything.  Now that Ms Ro is in my world, I see that the possibilities are endless. She grows out of things so quickly!  Some things will find their way to consignment sales and thrift stores. But cheap Target onesies (babygrows)?  Probably not.  

I love orange but the kiddie clothing industry is less enamored with the color than me.  So I chopped up a summer onesie to add some color to a long-sleeved bodysuit.  If you don't already know how to use "wonder-under" or some other wonder substance that turns any fabric into an iron-on transfer, then you're missing out.  Below is my creation:

I also found the best tutorial recently on Crap I've Made (gotta love the name) and used it to create the onesies below for friends expecting a boy in December. I bought the bodysuits new at a Carters outlet. The "ties" are made from used t-shirts I got at a consignment sale. And a couple of old summer onesies.  Total cost for the three: $12.