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Upcycled coat rack

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some of the frustration I was feeling around this project. Let's just say that when I'm making it up as I go, my upcycles rarely go smoothly. But now you get to benefit (a little) from my mistakes! Full tutorial after the jump.

Upcycling blues

I hope to have a new upcycling project to share with you soon. But today it's going the way most of my projects go: 

1. Damn, that's a great idea! My version will be even easier.

2. I have everything I need except nails. Hmmm, I'll use screws.

3. But the drill isn't charged. That's ok, I should probably sand and stain first.

3. I just broke part of what would have made this awesome. Fine. Dammit. I'll rethink.

4. While I think, I'll just pull the nails out of the pallet wood.

5. OMG, why is it SO hard to pull nails out of pallet wood!!!??? Yes, that's my foot in the picture.

Really. Is it just me or are pallets constructed to withstand the apocalypse?  

Upcycle: Pallet organizer

Confession: the whole pallet fad left me cold. In part because pallet wood (when you can get it) is mostly terrible wood. I mean TERRIBLE. So I avoided that particular bandwagon. Until I found this one, left in my alley (the provider of all things). This pallet was almost brand new. And made of solid, beautiful, mostly smooth pine. So this pallet came inside with me ... and the movers got to move it for me. And then I went to work and turned it into a workbench organizer.