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Upcycle: Refashion your closet!

My good friend Lisa (of Poldapop Designs) recently found herself facing a NY's eve date with her hubby, minus the "great new dress" she'd planned to conjure for herself.  Two little girls, the holidays, a small business to run .... and stomach flu (!) had all contributed to this fix.  So what did she do?  She refashioned a dress that had been collecting dust in her closet for years!  Here's the before and after:

Awesome right?  I've "reconstructed" a number of things in my closet over the years ... recently making a Target sweater a little more "Anthropologie" by removing an elasticized hem and adding a big button! You do NOT need to have mad sewing skills to pull this off.  You really don't.  So check out the great round up of projects (21 of them!) recently published at Crafting a Green World.

Upcycle: Leafy T-shirt Scarf

upcycled t-shirt scarf

I LOVE this!  Two old t-shirts, a little bleach, a little embroidery thread (or "floss" in US english) and voila! 

Very eco-chic ... get the how-to from Joy Beadworks.

Upcycle: Dishtowel Art Apron

dish towel artist apron

Is it just me, or do you also get gifted kitchen (or "tea") towels? Sometimes, really beautiful ones? Too beautiful to use in a kitchen? Well, how about turning one into a gift for the little artist in your life? Not only will the towel get shown off, it's also just the right amount of fabric for a little art smock so... less waste! 

 Full tutorial here care of Obsessively Stitching.  Lots of other fun projects on her blog too.