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Repurpose: A new spin on old compact discs ...

I'm old enough to remember the move from vinyl-as-standard to CD. It was a wrench and the general feel (in South Africa, anyway) was that there was no way it was really going to happen. It felt like the end of the world in some weird way. And then that world did, in fact, end and we all survived the change. Having said that, the "mix tape" stuck around for a while. People hung on to their tape players and "walkmen", perhaps because the "portable CD player" was, ummmm... not so portable. Now digital music is our norm and perhaps you're sitting on a pile of CDs you never play. Or computer discs you no longer use? You know, the ones you once used to back up your college papers once upon a time?! Anyway, here are 22+ fun ways to repurpose those dust-collecting discs:

1. Outdoor lanterns 

2. Make musical flowers

3. Junk garden owl

4. Roof shingles