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Upcycle: Sweater hacking ...

I seem to be living in perpetual winter. I had a 5 week break in sunny South Africa and still feel like it's been winter forever. Because it snowed today. Today is 25 March. I want to cry ... and hack up all my winter clothes. But that would be bad and wasteful. But just in case I can't help myself, here are lots of cool things I could do with those hacked up sweaters:

Upcycle: Bye bye sweater, hello purse!

I'm beginning to threaten my sweaters (ok, all my winter clothes) with imminent donation... because muttering dark thoughts in the direction of my closet is a good outlet right now. And I need an outlet because I'm deeply, desperately sick of winter (there's really nothing wrong with the damn clothes).  It's the snow!! Three-hour commutes thanks to the timing of this month's snow storms are driving me nuts!!!  Ok. Apologies. I'll go back to swearing at my closet.

And send you to Lana Red ... who's put together an awesome tutorial for turning an old sweater into a bag! I think this would be a fun way to repurpose an old purse too. You need a strap, hardware and leather bits from somewhere. So why not chop up that bag your kid destroyed with a felt-tip marker?

Upcycle: Too-small cardigan into new knit wonder!

I am in awe of this sweater refab... mostly because it's damn clever. But I also LOVE the colors ... and I know that neckline would be flattering on pretty much everybody. Head to Of Dreams and Seams for the complete refashion.