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Upcycle: Schroot-Hoop Design (Scrap Heap)

Welcome to the amazing work of Schroot-Hoop Design (Scrap Heap)!  Owner and designer Nico wants to "put a smile on your face and inspire you to not just throw away waste materials and stuff but discover how they can be used to create new products." Every product has a story and comes with it's origin co-ordinates - where the source materials were found. Follow Scrap Heap Facebook and Pinterest for a whole lot more inspiration  :)

Repurpose: Broken Umbrella... ella ... ella ...

The first time Ms Ro saw an umbrella (9 mnts?), she looked like Chicken Little - face full of fear ... then she burst into tears and refused to look up at the green alien thing hovering above us.  For at least a few months are that, she was terrified of umbrellas, in general. Brollyphobia? Poppinsphobia?

I, being a brave grown up, am not afraid of the brolly.  But I do find them annoying. They break. Far too easily. And then what?  You have to dump them and buy another one.  Because you need both a good raincoat and a working umbrella right?  When I saw the Stenciled Umbrella idea (below) I went looking for other ways to brighten up or repurpose umbrellas. Here's what I found: