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Great example of some thrifty refabbing ... and creative reinterpreting!  Two places to go for a complete tutorial (I've used images from both):  Design Sponge and Courtney Ann

I've seen this simple paper-rolling technique used everywhere. But I'm blown away by this clock! Perhaps it's the way Brandy's combined colors? Head to Repurpose Relove for a great, step-by-step tutorial

It's officially summer (in my hemisphere)! I celebrated with an early-morning run to the lake. Watching the sun come up over Lake Michigan is one of the pleasures of living on "the coast of Chicago". I'm also marking the solstice with a little roundup of quirky container-gardening ideas. If, like me, you live in a flat/apartment in a city (and have seriously restricted outdoor space) you have to get creative if you want to grow things. I say go all out and have some fun with it! (warning: this post contains pics of unmentionables)

A cheap, humble raw material.  A great little DIY necklace. Care of Dismount Creative

Dottie Angel
 has, literally, written the book on Granny Chic.  The blog is a visual feast ... it will convince you to alter your aesthetic accordingly and cover your world in vintage linens.  If nothing else, it sent me on a hunt for projects involving repurposed / upcycled vintage sheets, pillow cases, hankies etc.  I think I found some awesome last-minute Mother's Day gifts! 

The Dottie Angel "hangy-me-jigs" pictured above inspired the Ashley Anne mobile below ...  Read on for another 24 ideas...

Balloons are a cheap way to bring a lot of color to a party space ... so we use too many of them and don't think much about it.  Then we dump them in the garbage or, even worse, happily release hundreds of helium-filled orbs into the air.  Eventually, they come down and cause havoc.  They're kinda nasty.  So.  Ideally, we should stop using them.  If you love decorating with them, buy a bag and make yourself a reusable set, like the ones picture below.  

If you want some ideas for what to do with them once they've performed their party duty, read on ....

Saw the  top left version on Apt Therapy (via BHG) and went in search of others .... I know one corner of my kitchen is a mess of cords so this project will happen as soon as I can find an old breadbox 

The Martha Stewart Weddings blog (Brides Guide) recently mentioned Stringcycle's guitar-string flowers ... they said "we see them fitting into a quirky vintage wedding theme as totally unique table decor". I think fresh-flower alternatives are big for bouquets too ... and this enamel-brooch repurposed wonder deserves a look.  It's bold and out there.

This post was, of course, inspired by the light fixture above (seen on Etsy- one ugly cord, a bulb and a few old books.  Not so hard to do if you're interested in trying a little bookfolding.  Anyway, it got me looking for other cool ways to hide ugly cords ... and otherwise upcycle ugly old lamps. Five more for you: 

Two awesome tutorials to step you through upcycling those ratty old cargo pants.  The version above is from Noodlehead.  The version below is from Bludor

The term Steampunk is a play on cyberpunk and, according to various Wiki's, was coined in the '80s to refer to a specific genre of literature - think H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Philip Pullman ... think Victorian-era tech meet cyberpunk vision. I love these fictional worlds (completely captivated by His Dark Materials).  More recently, I fell in love with The Night Circus - magical steampunk-ism (?)... read it if you haven't.  Anyways, I'm a fan of the genre.  And, for the most part, I love the art, fashion and design informed by the steampunk aesthetic. It brings the small, hidden, "inner workings" of things out.  It often gives hard metal, gears and mechanics a softer, magical twist.

Chicago is so warm and sunny right now ... it's summer in March!  I want to string a hammock under a tree and drift through the days.  It will probably snow in April, but for now I'm staring at all the dull, grey/black/teal things in my closet.  Blagh!  So ... the hunt for (re) fresh, floral ideas begins.