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DIY: Last day of Orange ...

I think of this time of year as the season of orange.  Thanks to Halloween and Thanksgiving, I get to wear orange, cook orange things and decorate with the color ... legitimately.  The fact that I use the color all through the year too results in eye-rolling from some family members.  Ah well.  

So in honor of the last legitimate day of orange (before I get steamrolled by the green-red-white-silver-gold combo), I'm showing off the first item of clothing I've sewn in about 25 years.  This little pinafore/jumper for Ms Ro was made using an Etsy pattern and fat-quarter fabric that's been lying around for a couple of years. She'll be wearing it tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving ... happy last day of orange to you all. 

Upcycle: Old "onesies" + applique ...

I'm a big fan of repurposing ... anything and everything.  Now that Ms Ro is in my world, I see that the possibilities are endless. She grows out of things so quickly!  Some things will find their way to consignment sales and thrift stores. But cheap Target onesies (babygrows)?  Probably not.  

I love orange but the kiddie clothing industry is less enamored with the color than me.  So I chopped up a summer onesie to add some color to a long-sleeved bodysuit.  If you don't already know how to use "wonder-under" or some other wonder substance that turns any fabric into an iron-on transfer, then you're missing out.  Below is my creation:

I also found the best tutorial recently on Crap I've Made (gotta love the name) and used it to create the onesies below for friends expecting a boy in December. I bought the bodysuits new at a Carters outlet. The "ties" are made from used t-shirts I got at a consignment sale. And a couple of old summer onesies.  Total cost for the three: $12. 

DIY: Owl and Butterfly pins...



These lovely felt brooches are care of Bugs and Fishes by Lupin.  Here's the pattern for the owl pins.  Find the butterfly pattern here

DIY: Candoo Creatures!

Here are my latest "doodle twoots" and I've made some changes.  Less shaping of the actual body than on the first one but much more applique.  I've also put the wing-shaped gift-card/note/tooth-fairy-money holder on the back rather than the front, and it's bigger.  I wonder WHOO will be getting these for Christmas?  The mail snails are next!

PS: I would love some feedback on these creatures.  If I can maintain momentum, I'm thinking of selling them as "finish-it-yourself" type kits via Etsy.  So please leave me a comment or twooooooooo.