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Here's some inspiration from South Africa! Thato Kgatlhyane was only 18 years old when she and two friends set up Rethaka (Pty) Ltd - a for-profit, woman-owned purpose-driven business. Their first product was the Repurpose Schoolbag, a solar-powered, waterproof schoolbag for children, made from recycled plastic.

My first-ever guest post is live! Really excited to contribute to Upcyclista ... great blog, great voice, awesome people putting it together. I'd love you to take a look at my guest post... then spend some time exploring their beautiful new site.

This refabber was very quiet Nov-early Jan because I was home in South Africa for the first time in over a decade! It was an amazing trip ... restorative and inspiring. And I took a ton of "refab" pictures to share with you! The first set focuses, obviously, on upcycling. It's everywhere! It always has been ... people living below the poverty line (with no capital) create things using found materials. Free materials whenever possible. In the past, most of this stuff was sold on the side of the road. Today, it's easily found in more formalized settings ... everywhere from flea markets to high-end "souvenir" stores in Knysna and Cape Town. Soda and tin cans are an obvious, go-to material. So you'll see a lot of things created from those. But there were some surprises!

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