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I enjoy the satisfaction of taking something broken and giving it a beautiful second life. So, over the years, I’ve refurbished more than my fair share items in my home with the help of the hundreds of DIY tutorials out there. Here's a quick overview of the best ways to repurpose items in your home to inspire you to take on some creative projects of your own.

Best Ways To Repurpose Items in Your Home

I'm really fond of old school desks ... maybe it's all those stories I was told by my mom/aunts etc about "naughty" boys dipping girl's braids into ink wells and things. And my high school still used old wooden flip-top desks (with aforementioned inkwells still in place and long-ago student names carved into the wood).

Apparently Ashley over at A to Being Creations feels the same way about these desks and thrifted this one (antique chair included) for $15!  But when, after spending hours stripping the desk itself, she found lead in the top panel, she did this. A plexiglass top and eye-popping green paint. I LOVE IT. I want one now. Go get the details...