Reducing waste through upcycling, repurposing, refashioning and reloving.

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Trimming my waste: Week 13 (40+ upcycles)

Goals - Week 13:
  • See the potential in waste
  • Reduce recycling
  • Remain hyper aware of how much packaging I generate

Stretch goal: keep upcycling! 
Read on for links to 40+ tutorials for upcycling common packaging items.

Upcycle: Corrugated cardboard jewelry

One of the most popular upcycles featured on this blog is Tarun Upadhyaya's soda bottle and twine lighting.

He contacted me this morning with links to some of his more recent posts on Instructables, and I couldn't wait to share this one!

Corrugated cardboard is everywhere. And it's ugly. So using it to make jewelry this beautiful is an achievement.

1. Instructions for the statement necklace here

2. Instructions for the ring and bracelet here

Upcycle: Nut container DIY lampshade

Here's a familiar story: I just happened to be around when my neighbor was throwing out a lamp. Solid wood base. Old electrical cord but in perfect working order. How could I resist? Small issue... no shade. I took my time deciding what would work in the room - I wanted warm light. And I wanted to create something that would work in a vintage / boho-inspired space. Something a bit like this: