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I rarely create holiday-specific posts, but this year I've seen enough awesome halloween "upcycles" that I feel compelled to round them up and share. Like the diction-fairy costume pictured above .... really? Does it get any better??? Good tutorials here and here

I featured this creepy idea a long time ago in a post dedicated to repurposing old umbrellas. I'm bringing it back out again because it remains a great idea!

Love this Frankestein bottle care ... DIY of Crafting a Green World

Not really upcycling ... they're crocheted. And I love them ... so go take a look at more lovely images of them at Cute Cottage Overload

Old grill rack turned spider web? Yes. Simple and easy. Care of Petticoat Junktion

And finally ... some creepy dolls. Because I don't think anything's creepier than creepy doll heads. More at Sweet Pickins Furniture 

Handy with a saw?  This tutorial involves cutting, roasting (or nuking-to kill the critters) gluing etc ... but the result is great.  Check out her mirror while you're there... thanks Pretty Handy Girl!

Wrapping yarn around balloons is a technique popping up everywhere ... lovely twist on the the idea at Made by Michelle ... she also has a sweet fabric heart garland tutorial.

A page is for folding
A plane is for flying
A feeling is for saying
and sending and sighing!

Write a letter to your love ... then send it across the room via paper plane (printable - designed by Cathe from Just Something I Made)

I'm also loving these printable soap labels (could be used to wrap candy bars or decorate DIY party crackers!) ... care of Soap Deli News.

Super-cute printable notes from Fresh-Picked Whimsy ...

And .... some pipe-cleaner decor!  Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery

Heart-shaped page markers from Craft & Creativity (tutorial in English and Swedish)

Classy printable card and "coupons" care of Love vs. Design

One of many printable vintage valentines care of Cheeky Magpie...

Make a paper-heart mobile ... from Being Brook

Tutorial and free printable from Creature Comforts...

Four adorable printables from Hello!Lucky ...  For many, many others see the round up at The Long Thread.

Make a puffy origami heart garland ....

If you save all those paper grocery bags (you know, the ones you have to use because you left all your reusable bags in the car ... because it was raining and your kids were screaming?) ... use them to wrap gifts!  Alisa Burke is beyond talented and I love her eye.

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pvc pipe wreath

I don't advocate going out to buy plastic piping to make this wreath. But if you see it being thrown out, what a great way to upcycle it! Besides loving how this looks, I also love that it would be versatile from year to year. You could easily change the ornaments, colors etc.

PVC pipe wreath

PVC pipe wreath

I can also see the obvious paper-towel / cardboard tube upcycle option.  Full set of instructions at Today's Nest.

What can I say ... I'm a big dork, and so is Ms K. So Ms Ro's bookworm halloween costume was inspired by Mila's Daydreams ... a blog that went viral overnight. Sadly, the original daydream pics have been removed due to copyright infringement all over the place. But Design Mom still has a few of the original images - see them here.

Make it!
This was as super-simple costume to create. I bought a couple of nylon garbage-bag dispensers from the dollar store and removed the plastic piping from each end. I sewed them together, stuffed the bottom half with poly stuffing and everything else you see is pipe-cleaners. Total cost: $5. This would not have worked if the kid hadn't been so comfortable wearing her pipe-cleaner specs.  :)

When I lived in England, I quickly picked up the phrase "cheap and cheerful"!  I think of the ubiquitous spherical Christmas tree ornament as the embodiment of that phrase. And I love them!  The Christmas Ball Bouquet above could not be easier to make (tutorial care of Indie Fixx). 

These lovely (simple!) gatherings don't need instructions. They come care of Belle Maison - a new favorite blog of mine. 

A couple of really kid-friendly holiday projects.  Spot the Piperlime packaging these two projects have in common?? 

The wreath is from Elise Blaha - find the instructions here.

The cardboard trees below were posted on Design Sponge last year.  The instructions are here.