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Jewelry organizer from fallen branches

My lovely friend Tania Rodamilans is a creative force. Not only is she an accomplished jewelry designer, artist and photographer ... she's also the snappiest dresser I know. Just saying. Read more about here.

One of the things I love most about Tania's work is the way she incorporates found materials. Apparently she's good at crafting with them too. For the upcoming Stylemax show at the Chicago Merchandise Mart, she made these "new" jewelry displays out of fallen branches. And because she rocks, she's got the goods on how to make them yourself.

Upcycle: Pallet organizer

Confession: the whole pallet fad left me cold. In part because pallet wood (when you can get it) is mostly terrible wood. I mean TERRIBLE. So I avoided that particular bandwagon. Until I found this one, left in my alley (the provider of all things). This pallet was almost brand new. And made of solid, beautiful, mostly smooth pine. So this pallet came inside with me ... and the movers got to move it for me. And then I went to work and turned it into a workbench organizer.