the ReFab Diaries

I've been wanting to make this bed for a while but found that general inertia usually prevented it. Not a lack of cardboard boxes! But a couple of Sundays ago, while enjoying a rare moment of doing nothing but drinking coffee, I found myself saying out loud to a toddler:
"Hey, would you like to make a bed for Jodie? (the doll)" 
She lit up and said "like Greta's bed?" (Greta being the $50 rag doll she saw in Pottery Barn Kids about 2 months ago!!)  
I said "yes, exactly like that!" (I lie to this child quite easily, it seems). 
And so we made a bed out of a cardboard box. It's not quite "Greta's bed" but Ms Ro doesn't seem to mind :)

I've never done the "101 things to do with corks" roundup ... because I confess: I'm not all that attracted to the final refabs. But these work for me!  Great tutorial care of Lisa Storms posted in full here.

Now you can give your kids permission to draw on the doors! Jessie, at Simple Dimples, found not one, but two really fun ways to refab old cabinet doors. She used to to create permanent display spots for her kids' "art" and then constructed the ingenious, hinged art desks. Click through for lots more pics and the how-to.

When my grandmother moved from her little flat into a care facility, I remember looking at the things in her kitchen and thinking "why did you have to buy everything new in 1985?" Where were all the awesome "vintage" things that grannies are supposed to hoard? The treasures??? I remember the teacups in particular - a version of the cheap, mass produced "wheat" design pictured above. Not so desirable. 

So imagine my delight when I saw this project! Not only is the end-product useful and contemporary, it's easy to make! The tutorial in two parts: here and here. Review both parts before you do anything - she has some great advice re. supplies!