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Winner! "Made by Dad"

by ReFab Diaries

As always, I used to pick the winner and it chose entry #389 ... that's Valerie S!  Valerie, I will be contacting you via email to get a shipping address  :)

Thanks to everyone who entered for your interest and great comments. Keep up with Scott on Pinterest and Facebook and look out for his Made by Dad segment on the Rachael Ray show later this summer.  

If you're looking at this colorful refab, wondering what it reminds you of... think Anthropologie. And then click through to Love, Live and Garden for the full DIY... and the inspiration! 

"If you have kids, some time to kill, and an empty toilet paper roll, this book is definitely for you. (Actually, the kids are optional - although I think they'll be a bit jealous if Dad has all the fun!) ... If there's one thing I could put in big, bold, flashing neon letters, it's that the fun is in the making and not in creating perfect-looking projects." - Scott Bedford, Made by Dad

So opens the wonderful new craft/DIY book from the creator of What I Made. The collection of 67 "blueprints" includes ideas for "Dangerous Decor", "Covert Creations" and, most importantly, "Playful Parenting". In general, I think we should all be making more for and with our children. It's easy to make excuses ... really easy. But two pages into this book, you'll be looking around for an empty toilet paper roll and telling your kid to go find the glue! 

Read on for an exclusive Q&A with Scott and 
enter to win a copy of "Made by Dad"!