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Meet the world's first slipper that's helping to fight plastic pollution!

slippers made from upcycled plastic

WINNER:  Rebecca B. 

Fab folk - if this looks familiar it's because I've introduced you to Clearwaters before. This year, they're back with a Kickstarter that funded fully upon launch AND a giveaway for one of you. Read on to find out more about them and about how to win a pair of these beautiful slippers. 

Guest post: Shannon Bergstrom

The more we know about a product, the better we can assess if it falls in line with our eco-efforts—its production method, what it is made of, the company’s values, etc. And one tool that can help with our evaluation process, as well as assist in assessing our everyday habits, is the zero waste hierarchy.

Solving two hole-y problems with one box. Welcome to the revolution! And a giveaway :)

Winners drawn 9/17 : Robert Y. and Kelly T. Please check your email! 

If you've been refabbing with me for a while, then you know that upcycling old books and book pages is a recurring theme on this blog. 

Evanston rebuilding warehouse

Rebuilding homes. Rebuilding lives. 

Support the Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse

Did you know that about 40% of the waste in most landfills is building material? Construction and demolition have created so much waste that in Illinois alone, most of our garbage has to be trucked out of state because out landfills are, well, full. 

Art Auction and Giveaway

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know about this. Last week, I kicked off an art auction to benefit a new initiative called The Big Food Drive. What's it all about? Read on :)

We are finally seeing daffodils blooming and the tulips are soooo close. While we wait (and try not to weep as the snow pours down in mid April), we made some paper tulips to sit on the windowsill.

As we all do our best to stay home, spring in the northern hemisphere is relentlessly springing up around us. And today is the start of "Spring Break" for my daughter's school district. This means she'll have no school obligations for the next 10 days, but all the fun that had been planned has been cancelled.

What to do? In my house, we continue to raid the recycling to make things. We saw a pic of these little spring birds in trees on Pinterest and here's our attempt at them.