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Snowed in with kids? Wondering what to do with the gloves they've outgrown? Here's a cute, simple craft that will kill a little time, and encourage some basic sewing skills too! Read on to find out how to upcycle old gloves into a cute new friend.

Before the madness of the pandemic had kicked in then, it was a common occurrence for families to
donate old and unused clothing (and other items) to charity shops. Now, though, with the prospect
of potentially transmitting the virus on surfaces there has been a hit to the number of donations
being made.

It looks more and more likely that Muslims will be marking Ramadan under lockdown restrictions,
once again unable to meet with friends and family as was also the case in 2020 due to the global
pandemic. This means that there will not be the large gatherings for the breaking of the fast as is
customary, which will no doubt be hugely disappointing to those of Islamic faith.

ramadan in lockdown

My lovely friend (and long-time art teacher and inspiration) Amanda Evanston recently taught several classes on how to make holiday-themed art and cards using scrap paper. I'm not making a lot of art myself right now, so getting creative with old Anthropologie catalogs was therapeutic! 

how to make christmas cards

Guest post: Josh Hill

'Tis the season for indulgence and overconsumption! As we head into the holidays, I'm always distracted by how much waste we produce... from the millions of pumpkins that are carved and then thrown out, to the gift packaging and the Christmas trees.

food waste

Meet the world's first slipper that's helping to fight plastic pollution!

slippers made from upcycled plastic

WINNER:  Rebecca B. 

Fab folk - if this looks familiar it's because I've introduced you to Clearwaters before. This year, they're back with a Kickstarter that funded fully upon launch AND a giveaway for one of you. Read on to find out more about them and about how to win a pair of these beautiful slippers. 

Guest post: Shannon Bergstrom

The more we know about a product, the better we can assess if it falls in line with our eco-efforts—its production method, what it is made of, the company’s values, etc. And one tool that can help with our evaluation process, as well as assist in assessing our everyday habits, is the zero waste hierarchy.

Solving two hole-y problems with one box. Welcome to the revolution! And a giveaway :)

Winners drawn 9/17 : Robert Y. and Kelly T. Please check your email!