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Waste can be a big issue for everyone, including students going to college. In fact, many students tend to forget about waste, since they're focused on studying, getting good grades, and enjoying their college experience.


If you're a maker, crafter, artist or anyone else who needs a space in your home to make a mess... this is for you. 

Ideally, you have the space to grab an entire room for making. For many of us, this isn't possible - we have to use the space we have (like a dining room, an office, or a closet) and make it do double duty.  Regardless, read on for some ideas for setting up a maker space in your home.

Ideas for Setting up a Crafting Room In Your Home

Does it feel like you always have tons of cardboard boxes hanging around, waiting to go out to the recycling? If you’re tripping over empty delivery boxes all the time, think about turning  them into something new and interesting rather than just recycling them.



For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's the time of year when we can’t help but notice that the temperature is dropping and the stores are full of cozy new garments to tempt us. But before you shop... I'm here to remind you that there's a LOT you can do with the clothes you already have to keep warm. 

How To Layer Your Clothing for Cooler Temperatures

Nothing adds character to a room like vintage books. Creatively placed stacks of old books here and there can transform the feel of your home. Not only is decorating  with old books extremely budget-friendly, it’s also incredibly versatile despite being relatively low effort.


There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming something old, outdated, or just plain ugly into something new, functional, and beautiful. While the process can be unappealing, the end result is always worth it—especially when it’s your home! Here are my tips on ways to make an old home look brand new on a budget.

6 Ways To Make an Old Home Look Brand New on a Budget

DIY is part of a zero-waste lifestyle. And the first time you do it, it's exciting! Rolling up your sleeves, making something new, saving money—it actually gets me every time. But in the crafty thrill of your first time, it’s easy to forget the fact that you’re working with sharp tools, heavy (or messy) materials, and occasionally, chemicals. Yes, paint is a chemical.

Essential Safety Tips for Your First DIY Project

If you laughed at the headline for this post, you're not alone. When you have small children, just being a parent every day is daunting enough. The idea of living a sustainable life while doing it can seem like a fantasy. But with a bit of a plan and some simple ideas, it's possible. And upcycling isn’t just great for the environment; it can also help save you money. Gather up old clothes and invest in some new baby items with these simple ways to become a sustainable parent!

4 Simple Ways To Become a Sustainable Parent