the ReFab Diaries

If you’re a long-time reader, you know that this blog has always been about reducing, reusing, and recycling. I pride myself on creating beautiful, useful things for my home without producing excess waste. Some of my favorite pieces have come from recycled materials, including glass. 

Creative Projects for Upcycling Glass Containers

As we spend more time at home, many of us are looking for sustainable ways to add character to our homes. One way to accomplish this is by using salvaged lumber. Used wood has a unique character and a lot of charm—perfect for a adding warmth.

Ready to take on an eco-friendly improvement project but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas on how to use reclaimed barn wood in your home.


How To Use Reclaimed Barn Wood in Your Home

The global demand for rugs has created some un-environmentally friendly production methods, just like fast fashion. Also, if you're particular about the pattern and color, it can be hard to find the perfect area rug (and expensive). So once you find one that's just right, you want to ensure that it survives for decades! Here are a few simple tips to make that happen.

Corporate social responsibility is a way to run a business that focuses on helping the world instead of hurting it. It is also the responsibility a company has for the people, community, and environment where it is located. 

Any community can incorporate sustainable practices if given some concrete steps. Creating awareness is any community’s first step in incorporating sustainable practices. If community members don’t know there’s an issue and how to get involved, you won’t make any progress. 

Ways To Encourage Sustainability in Your Community

Your bedroom is where you choose to spend your resting and decompression time. It’s where you explore your personality and preferences the most. When you were younger, it was also where you and your friends grew closer while sharing stories and secrets.


Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom Space

One of my favorite ways to get new clothing is through clothing swap parties. These are practical and fun ways to find new outfits, get rid of things I don’t need, and hang out with friends. I’ve learned some tips over the years, both from attending and hosting these types of parties. If you'd like to try it, here's how to host a clothing swap party. 


How To Plan for Hosting a Clothing Swap Party


Over time, we naturally accumulate stuff and things in excess. We might have had a garage sale or two, but we still sit on more than we'll ever need. Finding the best way to pack it up is always a challenge, but chances are you already have what you need to create effective, upcycled storage.

Creative Ways To Store Your Yard Furniture