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Sometime on Friday evening, the page-view number crossed the half-million mark. In real terms, nothing has changed. The earth did not actually move. But personally, I'm thrilled... because the vast majority of this activity has occurred in the last 6 months!  I'm really grateful to those of you looking and enjoying what I do in this little space. I will work hard to keep doing it. So that's the first announcement.

Second announcement: I decided a while ago that a name change was in order. While "Candoodles" is very "me", the name doesn't really capture what this blog has become. So with a little help from some trusted, opinionated, word-loving friends, I landed on a name I like and I registered the domain on Friday. It's going to take me a couple of days to make all cosmetic changes, but is already redirecting to the new domain. So I wanted to explain quickly!

New name: (the) ReFab Diaries. Because refabrication is fabulous. Because the remaking and rehabilitating of stuff (and people) is a good thing. Because reinvention and re-envisioning takes as much creativity and vision as starting from scratch. So there it is! Thanks to the transatlantic coven (and the flooding in the UK) for allowing this rename to happen so efficiently.

Do you need to do anything to keep following me?  Nope. And since I feel very at home on Blogger, it's unlikely I'll actually "move" anywhere any time soon.  This is just a heads up ... :)
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  1. Beautiful, Candice! I can't believe you got this done so quickly! Lovely loveliness.


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