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Reducing our home’s energy use is good for the environment and lowers the cost of living. There are quite a few things we can do to reduce air loss and ensure the climate stays comfortable.

Use these tips to improve efficiency in your home and make the space more livable for everyone.

Tips for Improving Efficiency in Your Home

In recent years, house prices have skyrocketed. This has posed a challenge to first-time buyers now struggling to get a foot on the property ladder. This is precisely why a lot of buyers are opting to go less expensive homes that need work – the "fixer-upper" – as opposed to a newer build that they could move straight into because these do tend to be more expensive. 

The need to implement sustainable practices has never been clearer in a world coping with ongoing environmental issues. While many people are passionate about adopting eco-friendly behaviors, it is essential to recognize that the cornerstone of sustainability rests within our homes.

Single-use products can be convenient. When you’re finished using them, you can throw them away rather than having to wash or store them in your home. However, convenience comes at a cost. At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, contributing to a significant marine pollution problem that’s showing no signs of slowing down. 

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain exhausted? Instead of researching your next vacation, it might be time to consider making some additions to your home that will help you relax without the carbon impact of travel. While splurging on a hot tub may be the first idea that comes to mind (and is certainly worth considering!), there are quite a few other budget-friendly, planet-friendly options available as well. 

Sustainability is the issue of our time, born of rising concern over the steady progression of climate change globally. With temperatures set to exceed thresholds set by the UNCCC, public opinion is shifting – and the onus is on corporations over individuals to make serious changes in the name of eco-friendliness. Adopting sustainable values is one thing, and marketing them another thing entirely; what can businesses do to advertise their sustainability in an effective way, and benefit from positive public opinion as a result?

People love to buy new things, and companies know this. Unfortunately, consuming often leads to waste. What some people don’t realize is that, with extra care and attention, many older items can continue to function and provide for your needs. I’ve learned from experience that with a little effort, making your stuff last longer can be easy. By putting in this effort, you won’t need to constantly buy new things and throw away items that only need a bit of care.

Easy Ways You Can Make Your Stuff Last Longer

We all know that trees are our planet's rock stars. And sometimes, moving a tree is necessary for its health and well-being. The process comes with a few caveats so follow these tips to get it done safely!

The Steps for Relocating Trees in Your Yard