Repurpose: Old Guitars can still Rock! | the ReFab Diaries
What to do with broken guitars? Here's a roundup of quirky ways to upcycle guitars that are too damaged to play.

Turning ruined guitars into upcycled decor is an amazing idea. This one via 

Or if you want to get serious with upcycled guitar lighting, see this Instructable

Give it a whole new look and use it as a shelf ... 

Love this upcycled guitar cacti display too

If I was giving away a best-in-show upcycling prize, this arrangement of upcycled instruments would win! Check out @plantsandcollecting 

Or hang it on a wall and use it as a planter

Ok, not an actual guitar.  But I love this upcycled guitar-case bookshelf

And this one from the Junk Gypsy

Turned the guitar case sideways and, another great upcycled shelf!

Or how about a coffee table? Instructions here.

I did a (metaphorical) jig when I saw this project ... turning an old guitar into a speaker seems like a very respectful re-use to me!

Guitar heads become wall hooks. Not a DIY ... but looks infinitely do-able to me!

One image from a great roundup of steampunked guitars

I recently posted a round-up of quirky, urban-garden planters that included a beautiful image of a guitar as part of a rooftop garden. I love the way this guitar planter frames the porch/veranda ... and still looks very much like what it is!

Newspaper, book pages and sheet music can quickly turn an old guitar into a piece of art or a clock!

This incredible piece incorporates an actual acoustic guitar - you have to see all the other images of this beautiful Guitar Table with compartments

I cannot find the source for table on the right (one of the consequences of Pinterest), but I did find a great YouTube video with a full how-to for the table on the left. 

Starry starry nights .... this lamp is genius, right?  DIY here

More genius... it's a lamp and a wine rack. via

This gorgeous floor lamp isn't a DIY - but you can buy it here.

It's a dollhouse. Or rather, a masterpiece in miniature - not a DIY! For more images (because you know you want to see more), click here

Finally, recycle the strings by turning them into a centerpiece that you'll never need to throw out

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  1. Hi Candice.

    Wow. Seeing my guitar with the title of the page in it did put a smile on my face. :)

    Nice to see that my guitar speaker has sparked some interest.

    I'll be posting a new upcycled gadget to my site some time next week.

    Feel free to have a look. I've upcycled and modified quite a bit.

    Kind regards


    1. Yay - so glad you came to take a look! I'll keep an eye on your site ... thanks for the link :)

  2. I am a professional guitar player and recently I have purchased one new “Yamaha F310 Dreadnought” acoustic guitar. I have worried about the reuse of my old guitar which has no value. But after reading this blog I have astonished to know how to reuse the old guitar for home decorative purpose. It is an art to use the old guitar as a self which is mentioned here. I am really thankful to this blog to share such a nice information. Is there any specific use of the old guitar tuner buttons? As I have purchased new( tuner buttons. Please suggest.

  3. Wow, I'm so inspired just looking at these! So beautiful and creative!


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