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What can you do with old hangers? Vintage wooden clothes hangers are beautiful things and generally crafted to last forever. 

Image via Household 6 Diva

Yes, it's possible that old wood hangers might break, and somehow no longer be able to perform their hanger-ly function. But that's not the point. I think old hangers are beautiful things that should see the light of day! So bring them out of the closet, show them off and keep them out of the landfill. Here are 16+ new uses for old hangers: 

I love the detail added to this hanger coat rack ... hat rack ... a rack for anything weighing down! Complete tutorial here.

Or combine trends! This amazingly "deer" rack was created for a design competition. Details here.

Use little screw eyes to turn an old hanger into perfect jewelry storage. 

Flip them over, attach them to the wall and hey ... very functional towel rack! Thanks Junk Camp.

I had to include the now very-well-publicized, repurpose hanger "hangelier" in this roundup ... 

It's a cafe table! Sweet right? Get the how-to at Pure Home 

This beautiful hanger gallery is via PoppyTalk. The original Ahem Ladies and Gentlemen instructions seem to have been buried in their multiple blog moves. So check out the Dream Green DIY version and get instructions there too.

Sweet, simple idea for storing and drying herbs. (via)

And here's my take on the hanger coat rack. Full tutorial here

Simple and lovely via the Old Brand New Blog

I wouldn't have imagined this working so well ... but I like it!  (via)

Love the hanger circle ... and it looks so good displayed with the embroidery-ring stuff! Instructions at Think Crafts

When I first saw this I thought, hey - great idea! Really inspiring! I used to be able to link to instructions for this but they're gone. 

Similarly, this wonderful dish rack/drain idea is not only a somewhat obvious repurpose (of course hangers work for this!) but it's via Instructables. So you really can make one.

I guess you have to live in a really cool loft and have really cool clothing you're happy showing off... but I love the simplicity of this hanger installation.

Great pallet wall makeover from Funky Junk Interiors featuring ... a hanger!

Nice re-use of a hanger and your old denim. Via 

Hanger + shower curtain rings = scarf organization! Care of Cornflower Blue Studio

Super simple glasses organization ... 

And because "that season" is always a good time to repurpose instead of buy new junk, I'm including a couple of projects. The "very clever tree" is via decor8. The two Advent Calendars: See 1 in more detail here. See 2 here.

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  1. Wow! Love the ideas for the hangers and now look at them in a different light.


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