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Upcycle: mass-produced canvas becomes original art

upcycled art

This post has been, literally, years in the making! When I got this IKEA canvas in 2014, I knew I'd paint over it one day. But it's taken a long time to make it happen and then write about it.

A project like this doesn't fall under general repurposing or upcycled craft. But I'm sharing it anyway because it does reflect my commitment to finding new uses for things I might otherwise want to get rid of. And I really didn't want this generic IKEA print around anymore! So here's to reusing old canvas.

And for those of you who are interested, it shows the process I went through in creating a large piece of art (35 x 46 inches - all acrylic).

ReFabbed Art - shop upcycled art!

upcycled book art

After 10 years of sharing upcycling tutorials, I'm excited to offer some of my own upcycled and original art! If you've been following me for a while, you won't be surprised to see that (almost) all my art involves upcycling books in some way - their covers or their pages. No book folds, but the big round up of DIY book-folding ideas is still around for you.

You'll find a range of hanging bud vases, crafted using beautiful antique book covers and salvaged glass test tubes (from a set recently unearthed in Iowa!). I also have a few book clocks for sale along with original art, some of it on paper, some on vintage book covers.

Because I am launching this store 10 days before Earth Day, I've committed to donating 10% of my profits to TreeSisters, a global network of women funding the restoration of tropical forests.

Take a look at what's for sale!

Fab: Remix Chicago 2015

In only its second year, and plagued by unpredictable weather, Remix 2015 still delivered a few unexpected discoveries for me! 

Upcycle: Sculpted hangers, strainers and rackets

Yes. Loving this. Stunning upcycled installations by Edmond van der Bijl (aka akamundo). More of the same at akamundo.  (via)

Giveaway! South African upcycling, refined

If you entered the last South-Africa-related giveaway, then you know RSA is home for me ... and I recently returned from a month of summer! In my last SA-upcycling post, I focused on crafts consisting, primarily, of repurposed soda cans. In this post, I want to show a more varied mix of "art"and craft. Work that pushes the definition of "repurposing" ... work that highlights color, street-art sensibility, creative mixing of media and, yes, includes a whole lot of "found" materials. 

Like wood scraps. I love this kind of mixed media stuff... so I was delighted by these coloful pieces of continental drift ... 

Scroll down for much more, and a chance to win a hand-made piece of your own! 

Inspiration: Dolan Geiman wonderfulness...

By far the most inspiring guy showing at the Renegade. "Produced from salvaged wood, found objects, and other recycled materials, Geiman's eco-friendly artwork emerges from a folk art tradition infused with a contemporary, urban style.

 Originally from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Geiman currently lives and works in Chicago along with partner Allison Walsh". Check out his website.


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