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I took pictures of books to share with you. I never do that! How incredibly novel of me ... :)  Have a happy day.

When I arrived in the US ten years ago, I gratefully accepted a summer job as a reading instructor (and quickly learned to drive on the "wrong" side of the road, in order to do the job!). That summer position turned into a 7-year job, and the friends I made back then became my local family. We try to gather those friends over Thanksgiving weekend whenever possible - it's getting harder now that there are  small children in the mix! But "Friendsgiving" happens when it can. This year, I thought I'd make books/words a feature ... since a love of books, reading, writing and teaching are the things that brought us all together in the first place. It's also been a big year for ReFab Diaries, so I decided it was appropriate to feature a few things that have shown up on the blog throughout 2012. Tutorials ahead ...

Book decor seems to be the theme of the week. Because I happily stumbled upon awesome things this week and I love it when that happens. If you've ever visited this blog to look for book-folding tutorials/patterns, then you've seen the work of Heather Eddy, otherwise known as Rhymes with Magic. A few months ago, she literally pinned her passion to her walls ... covering areas of her home in book covers. Go take a look! 

Today I am in awe of this. It's wonderful. It's doable. I want it. Full tutorial at Design Every Day.

Back in January I compiled a post on book folding and mentioned that my own attempts (pictured below) had been inspired by a long-ago issue of Budget Living Magazine. In June I was asked to please share the instructions from Budget Living. I couldn't find them. Of course. And then, the other day, there they were!  Folded (!) at the bottom of a box of old catalogs and things I've been storing. So I've done my best to share them ... and make them usable:

Hello lovely reader folk. You all know I love creating with old book pages etc. Inspired by some things I've seen recently, I wanted to take a stab at creating a simple, cheap-n-cheerful "paper bottle". Today I'm showing you the steps for my first attempt. There's another, slightly more complex version, on the way (see the pic below). Read on for the tutorial ...

Ok - it's another filing-cabinet refab. But she did it with book pages!! And you know me and book pages. And it looks amazing ... right? Complete how-to at The Space Between