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Jan 2009 - First post published as Candoodles. 

July 2012 - Re-named "ReFab Diaries" to better capture the focus on DIY, crafting, making, and decorating that involves upcycling, repurposing, re-using and re-envisioning. I wear my eco-politics on my sleeve: I think that we, who live in so-called developed nations, buy too much, waste too much and create too little. A low-pressure way to reverse this trend; re-make and repurpose the stuff we've already bought. Look for the potential in the "stuff" we might otherwise throw out. Most of the time this creativity will involve upcycling. What is upcycling?  Here’s a great explanation from Wisegeek:

"Upcycling is designed to work in opposition to consumer culture, encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods. It also benefits the environment, by promoting reuse over discarding whenever possible."

About me:  Combining disparate elements with raucous grace. That's my tagline for myself.  

For all the disparate elements, one thing has been more-or-less constant in my life: the need to "make do", "be frugal", "save for a rainy day" ... because then I can simply enjoy the rain for what it is. I think almost a decade in academia (with no credit card!) will do this to you.You learn to make, and do, and make do.

Candoodles (original blog name) came about thanks to a nickname I earned. I was always making things to sell, trying to earn a little extra money on the side while living on baked-beans and lentils. My doodles kept me sane and were often what we now call "upcycles" or "refashions". When you have zero capital, you need cheap/free raw materials - I became adept at finding them.

Now, we have a pinteresting web full of incredible ideas for upcycling, re-using and re-purposing. So now, while I still create doodles of my own, I also gather, glean, admire and share the best of what I find here.

thanks for reading my blurb....

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