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I hear from a reliable source that the August issue of Reloved is finally on shelves in the US! Pick it up at Barnes and Noble (not sure if it's stocked anywhere else). 

And if you want the tutorials for all the projects mentioned/featured in my feature ("The "ReFab House") click here

I'm often very inspired by online home tours, but until I saw Emma Whyte's upcycled cottage (Isle of Skye), I never wanted to just copy something wholesale. Or just move in!

My home is featured in the August issue of Reloved Magazine. Just typing that sentence makes me a little giddy. Why? So many reasons. Because upcycling is something now deemed worthy of print. Because I really LOVE this magazine. Because the little girl in me who always wanted to be a journalist, just got something published in a magazine. Thank you to my amazing friend Julia Brenner for shooting EVERY picture you see across the 4-page spread. Also mentioned in the piece are artists Meg Peterson and Heidi Shedlock, both of whom inspire me and have gifted work to me that makes my life better. 

Ok ... if you're actually here via Reloved, hello and welcome! Scroll down for links to all the upcycling projects mentioned and/or pictured in the feature:

In case you're wondering, my dress is from my favorite consignment store (Crossroads Trading Co) and my earrings are South African 1c coins lovingly upcycled into hearts by The House of Kallie.


1. Book planter / vase

2. Hardcover "bud vase" 

3. Book clocks

4. Folded book art

Behind the scenes ... Julia Brenner at work :)


1. Bamboo desk (mod podge refab)

2. Hollywood regency chairs

3. Metal plant stand to bookshelf

4. Vintage wood art hangers

5. Drawer-front shelf and salvaged mirror

Vintage sheets repurposed:

1. Shower curtain

2. Thrifty kid bedding


1. Kitchen organizer

2. Pallet organizer

Repurposing books for home-decor purposes is a niche obsession of mine. In case you hadn't noticed. And my obsession is enabled by a few of my friends who share it. And regularly run with it! One of those friends is Terri, whose projects (and word-themed wedding!) have found their way onto my blog a couple of times now. But guess what? I can now show you her entire home, thanks to Julia Brenner at Apartment Therapy!  Julia published Terri and Adam's home tour on Friday ... and it's awesome. My add on from the tour: links to tutorials to make some of the book-upcycles you see. 

DIY: Pillow Talk ...

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Wit and Whistle show you how to make a knockoff of a $159 VivaTerra Stencil Pillow for the cost of a blank cotton (or linen) pillow cover, a sharpie and some time.  Love it!

The owl and the pussycat went to sea.
In a beautiful pea green boat ...
The zebra was jealous
And yes, she lacks feathers
But nevertheless, off she floats!

I love paper lanterns but often see them tossed into dumpsters. How about making a hot air balloon instead? This whimsical, wonderful DIY is care of Momtastic.

Recycle: Craft ideas from BHG ...

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Half-Globe Centerpiece / Kitchen Tool Recipe Holders

These are just two of many fun recycling ideas from good old Better Homes and Gardens.  I really love old globes  but there are only so many that you can display "as is" without becoming a hoarder.  So I think this is a great idea: using a handsaw, carefully cut a globe in half, then set each half on a footed cup and fill as desired.  I can imagine painting the inside a fun contrasting color too.


Thrift and "Antique" stores always have heaps of old kitchen utensils.  And again, they're appealing but I cannot justify buying them for "display" only - they need to be useful for something!  So I really like the idea of keeping recipes handy with a holder made from an old potato masher or meat tenderizer (because really - who tenderizes meat???). Simply attach a clothespin or metal clip to the handle with epoxy.