Upcycle: A well lit book ... {book lights} | the ReFab Diaries

I've made book clocks, book folds and book "clutches". But never a book light. So I set out to find a tutorial and, as usual, got overwhelmed by options. And, as usual, gathered them here instead of actually making the light I still want to make. Ten inspiring ideas and tutorials for you ... Enjoy!

Inspired by Anthropologie, this shade is made of strips of colorful book covers! DIY care of Mrs Amber Apple

Pretty ... more mobile than shade but I like it! 

Using the whole book, a la Anthropologie

A different version of the Anthro book chandelier... 

Incredible designs by Anya Verdonk ... click through to see them all!

Sweet, thrifty DIY using book page circles... 

As above, but square pieces

Beautiful overlapped circles spotted on Etsy ... 

Now THIS is a DIY ... thank you Instructables! 

For your inspiration ... a beauty of a book light! 

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