Upcycle: Coke bottles + duct tape = glam lamp! | the ReFab Diaries

I looked ... I looked again. And yes - this refab does, in fact, involve upcycling soda bottles. And there's duct tape of course (separate tutorial for the shade).

Will this kind of fun repurposing solve our plastic problem? Of course not. But every time you look at materials getting reused this way, you're reminded of their durability. Plastic is forever. It is not disposable. So let's repurpose as much as we can.  Head to Matsutake for the instructions.

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  1. Iv tried this multiple times an ot does not go together as easy as you think. Iv tried all skills iv thought to get it to go in on the sides an ot does not. Would love a Tutorial!!!

  2. The link to the tutorial is above: http://matsutakeblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/its-done-glampsformation.html


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